Colin Preston lives for the Beatles and John Lennon

Falls for the most beautiful sophomore on campus

His life is about to change forever

An entertaining coming of age novel about friendship, first love and betrayal

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Praise For Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled

"With Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled (Davanna), first-time novelist Bert Murray manages a feat that seems to have escaped many writers, mainly women, who try for a Young Adult readership but wind up delivering predictable, generic, forgettable adolescent chick lit. Murray, who delivers here a kind of hard-core Catcher in the Rye, has a good ear for the lingo and speech rhythms of bright 19-year-olds, particularly young men who, despite their vulnerability looking for love, obsess about scoring. The story, set in 1985 at a leafy, upscale college in the Northeast, is full of references to rock that serve as mood markers, especially for the protagonist, Colin Preston, for whom The Beatles are almost substitute friends. An intelligent, likeable guy but (and who isn't at this age) troubled by a first serious love and ambivalent about his parents and career, undergoes "an education in the geography of the human heart." The story has engaging authenticity, though the unfortunate title may be off putting. For sure, though, the depiction of the extent to which sex, drugs and drinking consume many college students should be sobering, considering the continuing rise of the cost of going to college. One sympathetic teacher, who befriends Colin, cannot compensate for what older adults might well see as the questionable value of higher education."
—Joan Baum, Dan's Papers (July 20, 2012)

"Murray charts a lustily tormented story of first love and heartbreak. It's September 1985 in the bosky precincts of Elerby University (though it conveys the intimacy of a small liberal arts college) in upstate New York. Colin is entering his sophomore year with a lousy love life and a lousy relationship with his father, but he does have a good friend in Karl (a handsome natural athlete who has a way with women) and in the Beatles—"when you love a band so much that its songs fill the empty spaces inside your head and heart." But along comes Jasmine, a serious dish with lips like butter, who really gets inside Colin's head and steals his heart. Murray's writing is phonetic; Colin's voice lifts from the page—young and inexperienced, star-crossed and love-lost, which will come true soon enough as Jasmine drops him like a load of bricks and proceeds, that very afternoon, to have sex with Karl, into whose room Colin charges without knocking, looking for commiseration and finding betrayal: "'Yes! Yes! Don't stop'…the girl demanded loudly. Her voice sounded familiar." Murray draws Colin with immediate emotional pungency, and he doesn't lose the beat even when the situations turn slapstick. Nor does he tidy Colin up, rather letting him sink into a great morass of self-pity from which he must drag his own sorry butt toward whatever measure of salvation a decent, immature young man can find. Yes, the Beatles do offer the solace of shared experience, of meaning and even a little direction, but it is Colin's slowly gathering circle of friends—a very human society of odd fellows, including a dorm-cellar-dwelling delusional, a dark and mysterious Spanish professor on the run from her demons, big-hearted Big Ty and sweet Liz—who help illuminate the road ahead. Some of the sex scenes carry informational overload, but even then it is more humorous than cringing, perhaps even another epiphany that Colin collects: "There was no disappointment with Twinkies. You knew exactly what you were getting. Unlike Jasmine. Unlike love. Unlike life." A coming-of-age story with plenty of sting, where love is not only blind, but it blindsides."
Kirkus Reviews

"Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled is a novel that does a wonderful job of capturing the voices and lives of a certain time and place. The use of music – both music contemporary to the characters and Colin's beloved Beatles (already, of course, at the time of the novel, classic) – works especially well. Instead of using words, Colin, when in the grip of a strong emotion, puts on an appropriate song. Overall, the compactness of the story and the ease with which one identifies with Colin and his situation create an inevitability about the events that has an almost tragic quality as well as a strong structure. I felt I experienced it all with Colin, and it was a pleasure to read."
—Meredith Sue Willis, author of Ten Strategies to Start Your Novel and Out of the Mountains

"Bert Murray has produced a novel that is simultaneously absorbing, moving and funny - a character-driven page-turner that captures lightning in a bottle, and preserves a moment in time for eternity. I found the Beatles (and especially John Lennon) material compelling on several levels - as a fan, yes, but more so as a symbol of a generation gap, a figure for a grasping adolescent (or adult) to use when trying to figure things out, and as a touchstone - something every character and situation can be informed by."
—John Altman, author of The Watchmen and A Gathering Of Spies

Excellent  November 6, 2013 Five Stars
By ChristophFischerBooks  TOP 500 REVIEWER

"Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled by Bert Murray is a great coming of age story set on a campus in the 1980s. Colin Preston, a very likeable and interesting main character dates a very attractive but difficult girl and some of his friends have also a lot of baggage and issues that impact on Colin's life. For example, Chester with his psychological problems and cocky Karl who turns into a love rival. The student life is a great background for the growing up that the characters have to do; anybody who was around at that time will appreciate the many witty references of cinematic and musical nature. The book took me down my own memory lane and astonished me with its authentic feel of those days. I found the style to be warm and charming in many ways but without ever making the more serious notes feel out of place. It reads as realistic as a memoir with engaging characters and multiple plotlines. A real treat."



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